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My Story

Welcome, I'm Jenna.

For me, all roads start and lead to the mind/body connection. For some, this powerful link is experienced through weekly workouts of choice, and for others it becomes a near constant state of being. I exalt in teaching and working with anyone who seeks to reap the mind//body benefits of yoga, movement or healing through various interwoven techniques and practices. This is where I uniquely employ exploration, combining elements infrequently paired together, encouraging unfettered self-expression.

I’ve been on a journey for almost 15 years. Not a journey to find myself necessarily but a voyage to build the many ways I can help myself and other people to live more consciously. I connected with the movement and the spirit of body at a young age. My journey began with dance, which led me to studying shiatsu, followed by a pursuit of a career in massage therapy and yoga. My knowledgable and dynamic teachings are filled with true compassion for my students and a sincere regard for their wellness and healing through very original approaches. I base my work on years of personal practice, thoughtful and intelligent sequencing, and my intuition- what will best serve those I am working and creating with.

Through my classes, retreats, events and studio I encourage people to create their own practice, their own beat. This approach celebrates our rough edges and unique bodies. I adore music and play guitar and sing, so don’t be surprised if this makes its way into my gatherings as well! If you’re in the Melbourne area, please visit my studio at 412 5th Ave, Indialantic, FL 32903 or check the retreats page to get the information on my retreats, traveling techniques and additional ways I work with people.