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I first met Jenna Lomazzo in 2010. My husband and I were looking for a yoga teacher that taught private yoga lessons. Neither of us had ever stepped foot inside a yoga studio and we knew nothing about the practice so we were a little intimidated by the thought of going to a class full of yoga students. Jenna was extremely patient with us and taught us the basics – the different types of yoga and how to transition gracefully through Sun Salutations. But she also introduced us to the cultural and spiritual side of yoga. She told us about meditation and her experiences in Hong Kong and India. Jenna opened a door just enough to allow us to see that there was a whole other side of Life that we hadn’t yet been exposed to. Our experience with Jenna was the beginning of a life changing journey for us. We’ve practiced with other yoga teachers and some were really good, but none had the depth of yoga knowledge and spiritual qualities that we found in Jenna. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have found her and highly recommend her.

L. Burke

I work in a dental office and tend to sit for long periods of time and with poor posture. I also use my hands and wrists to do small movements over and over.
A few years ago the doctor that I work for recommend that we all start doing yoga at a quaint little studio just down the street from our office. So with a little apprehension I went to my first yoga class ever and that is when I met Jenna. She was our instructor that night and I remember how she taught with an eye on each student. Obviously she was a master at her craft. She would modify, correct and gently push me while trying to get me to focus on breath and alignment. It was amazing and that night changed my life
forever. The next day I enrolled in her monthly membership so that I could go any time and as many times as I wanted. I couldn't get enough!

She has created a very special place in the community and is always welcoming to visitors. Through yoga and massage she has helped me to correct many of my past injuries, become stronger, more flexible and mindful of body and to listen to it's cues.
I have grown in so many ways since that first night in mind, body and spirit!

Thank you Jenna!
J. Diamond

Dear Yoga seekers ,
One year ago I was trying to recover from a series of consecutive injuries that included a shattered clavicle from a biking accident, a pulled hamstring followed by a ruptured lumbar disc. To say I was stiff , sore and depressed would be an understatement.

I realized I was in need of help. I committed myself to 1 on 1 Yoga sessions with Jenna 3 mornings a week for 5 months. When Jenna went to Bali, Natalie subbed the sessions for her. 7 months later I look back on those sessions with tremendous gratitude to both of them for changing my life.

Their commitment ( some classes started at 5am), compassion, patience and talent were omnipresent.

The words thank you do not begin to describe my appreciation to " The House of Yoga".

Jim Ronaldson

I was staying in Melbourne, FL on a trip and I wanted to do some yoga. I found Thee House of Yoga on the internet and I had driven past it on my way to the beach. I have been doing yoga on and off for years so I was not a beginner but not intermediate either. I tried Jenna's Forrest Yoga class and it felt amazing. I have some chronic low back issues but the sequencing of the moves really loosened up my sore muscles from the beach and also helped my back. Jenna is a great teacher and I just kept going back for more!! I highly recommend Jenna's Forrest Yoga classes.

C. Caceres

I chose Jenna’s House of Yoga, over the other few places I visited after moving to Florida, simply because my daughter’s name is also Jenna, and Jenna had an engaging smile and a very adorable daughter.

After several months of my first extended Yoga experience, the impact on my life is noticeable and increasingly impactful. I needed a source of inner strength/alignment and stress relaxation to deal with the usual challenges of life as a 50 something divorced father of three. My fear of injury and lack of coordination/flexibility was easily dissipated by Jenna’s constant attention to “each of our bodies,” our latest injuries, our form, and constant reminders that we don’t need to do more than what is right for us on a given day. The classes at the House of Yoga have noticeably improved my runs on the beach, and my coordination doing everyday tasks, and my balance and endurance when working in the field. No question, if I stick with the House of Yoga it will continue to matter substantially in my life. So, for those fathers out there that remember when you were in shape and athletic; I strongly encourage you to give the House of Yoga and Jenna some of your time.

N. Goldfine

Jenna is a dynamic and powerful teacher. She knows and respects my limits but is always pushing me to go further. She is well versed and experienced and very in tune with her craft. She consistently offers new ideas, concepts, workshops, and modalities for health and wellbeing at her studio. I heart THOY!


In January of this year, 2016, my husband and I started to attend yoga classes at Thee House Of Yoga. The atmosphere is welcoming and very comfortable. There is no expectation or intimidation. It is a gathering place for the young and the old ... Accomplished yogis and those new to the practice can find a home here. Jenna is a gifted teacher. She is generous with her knowledge and a true teacher in every sense of the word. Her cueing and adjustments are an indication of her knowledge and advanced skill level. It is obvious that she is dedicated to her own practice and wellness. That kind of dedication is what we were looking for in a teacher.

S. Baker

I love Jenna's class because she gives us hands-on attention with emphasis on alignment and breath. Sometimes class is really challenging and others are gentle but either way I always feel great when we are done. I've been to lots of yoga classes in the last 15 years and Jenna is one of the best teachers I've ever had.

Nancy D.

I am often in and out of town practicing with teachers all around the world but Thee House of Yoga is always home! My mind and body are challenged and renewed each time I practice with Jenna and her team.

Erika F.

I have attended Jenna’s Forrest Yoga classes for over 2 years. I appreciate Jenna’s amazing teaching ability. She is clear in her instruction and gives encouraging and helpful correction.

I very much appreciate that every single class Jenna teaches is customized for that day and that class. It is always important to stay alert and pay attention in her class since the practice is not “routine” or quite like the class before. This keeps every Yoga class fresh and very interesting. I absolutely learn something new and beneficial every time I attend class.

Jenna’s Yoga classes were especially helpful to me during my recent rotator cuff surgery. This is true both in the pre surgery process and in recovery and rehabilitation. Jenna was able to help me to continue practicing while preparing for surgery. During the rehabilitation process she taught me how to practice Yoga while protecting a specific body part. I believe that attending her classes increased the rate of my recovery. Body awareness, good circulation, calm breathing techniques, flexibility and range of motion gained during Yoga practice are invaluable to me.

D. Fadden

"Jenna's classes have noticeably improved my life substantially..."

"I did Jenna's Forrest Yoga class and felt amazing...!"

"That kind of dedication is what we were looking for in a teacher ..."

I came to Thee House of Yoga and met Jenna for the first time about 2 years ago. I was a college student with about a million thoughts flowing through my mind every day. I wanted to start up my yoga practice again and decided to take the leap and go to class. I realized that what I was doing at home on my mat wasn’t even “true” yoga. I had been stretching for years, without matching my breath to movement, and therefore limiting where the journey could take me. Jenna was so welcoming and intriguing, the space she created immediately felt like home, and I fell in love with the studio during my first class. I signed up for my unlimited membership that day and have been practicing consistently, coming into the studio at least 3 times a week, ever since. The studio and Jenna’s teachings have changed my life, in mind, body, and spirit.

M. Wilson

I am relatively new to the practice of yoga. My introduction to Thee House of Yoga has led to an expansion of mind, spirit and physical self. Every class I learn something about yoga practice and myself. Jenna has created an environment that is safe, challenging and a lot of fun. There are wonderful teachers who each shine a unique light on the yoga experience. Thee House of Yoga is a gift to this student.

E. Seiler

I met Jenna Lomazzo in 2011 when she first opened her yoga studio in Indialantic, Florida called Thee House of Yoga. She has created such a serene and positive space where one can take a variety of classes. Jenna is phenomenally gifted at what she does and brings an incredibly deep and extensive knowledge of yoga to her students. She is probably the only yoga teacher that I have had that has a true understanding and passion for anatomy in the context of yoga. This knowledge creates a healthy practice and helps her students understand what’s going on in the body.

I have a great respect and love for Jenna as a teacher and a beautiful person. Yoga and her studio have brought so much peace and joy to my life.

Natalie Paradiso

I started going to Thee House of Yoga just a few months ago, but it has quickly become a place for me to escape. The instructors are nothing but welcoming and helpful. I've learned so much in just these few months, and I continue to grow with every class. I have seen such a great improvement, in not only my physique, but also my general well-being. Its something I look forward to all week!

Thanks for everything Jenna!

Katie Skura

"As a health coach, I understand how important it is to make the mind/body connection to improve your health and outlook on life. I have been to a lot of yoga studios in the Melbourne area and Thee House of Yoga has a special feel that you don't get anywhere else! The experience is authentic from the loving instruction by the owner and yogi, Jenna Lomazzo and her staff. The room is inviting... spacious yet intimate, fully stocked with blocks, straps, rolls and bolsters. All you need is your mat. Water is available at a nominal cost. The classes are varied according to your level. The instruction is never demanding... it is always taught in a supportive yet challenging way. I recommend classes at THOY for anyone who is looking for a gentle way to get started with an all-around exercise program that will not only improve your body with strength and flexibility, it will improve your mind with peace and intention."

Joyce Barton

I have come to practice yoga later in life, and almost accidentally. I was looking for a way to increase my strength and flexibility without injuring myself and accommodating my lumbar spinal fusion and hip replacement. I started in Bridget's fabulous restorative MELT classes at THOY, then began getting massage therapy from Jenna. She encouraged me to try Forrest yoga class, and I've been attending several classes a week for the past 16 months.

Not only did I find wonderful teachers, but there is a great vibe in this studio from the people who attend. Although I have to do a lot of modifications, use a lot of props, (of which there are many provided), I have always been supported, watched our for, and encourage to find and accept what part of the yoga pose or sequence that I COULD do. I am physically stronger and more flexible, and emotionally and spiritually improved by being present on my own mat.

This is a special place. Jenna's compassion for her students, knowledge, experience, and her passion for what she is doing creates an open and safe environment for me to explore and challenge my personal growth and understanding of the real meaning of yoga.

Sandra Seiler

When I met Jenna two years ago I had wanted to try yoga for a very long time but was too intimidated to try. She convinced me to come in for a few private lessons and I was immediately ‘hooked’. Her studio is like nothing I have experienced. I felt at home the minute I walked in and she and her staff were so helpful and friendly. Jenna and her instructors worked with me when I had a shoulder injury and there was never any pressure to keep up with the group. Jenna stressed that this was my own personal journey.

During the last two years, I have spent as much time as I could at her studio. I take classes, go for massages and have begun learning about essential oils. I cannot say enough about Thee House of Yoga. I recommend Jenna and her studio often and now my husband and I attend yoga together. Who would have thought?

I am in a high stress profession and thanks to Jenna and Thee House of Yoga, I literally sleep better at night!!

Michelle Pruitt Studstill, Esq.

I have experienced Jenna’s teaching in both private and group yoga sessions and get the same high level of attention in both settings. She has such calm peaceful energy it’s impossible not to be relaxed around her. So refreshing from the busy stressful world we live in.

The level of knowledge she has obtained in her life about yoga, nutrition and the human body in general is amazing. There is so much to be learned from her.

Dave B.

You are a yoga teacher who actually knows how to teach instead of someone who does yoga in the front of the class and expects me to figure everything out by trying to copy your moves. You guide us through the movements giving personal feedback to each of us. You notice when I am overly stressing some part of my body and offer tips or props to alleviate the stress, making it possible for me to do the movements without hurting myself.

You are also helping me make a better mind-body connection, which is especially helpful for me because I keep forgetting the two are connected. You talk about doing yoga as an expression of my love for myself, which feels a lot different than my beginning motivation for doing yoga to get in shape or to become more flexible. That shift in focus makes me feel like yoga is a kind, nurturing, and gentle experience, not a punishment for eating too much or getting old.

I have only been taking your classes for a couple months, but the subtle changes I feel in my body and the way my thinking is starting to shift make me believe that yoga is going to continue having a positive impact, and I look forward to each new class.

And I can’t wait for the retreat!

Kay Retreich

I was going to Bikram’s yoga to help my piriformis and lower back problems when I met Jenna, she was one of the instructors. One day I learned that she was also a massage therapist and that she offered Thai massage. My lower back and piriformis was still bothering me and I thought that a Thai massage would help. During my massage she told me of different ways to approach the Bikram’s postures that would take the strain off my lower back. As I continued going to Bikram’s yoga I started using those techniques and found that my lower back pain was much less. I then learned of Jenna’s Forrest and Yin yoga classes and decided to try them. I found that I really liked these yoga’ styles better and especially liked Jenna as a yoga teacher. Her expertise along with the Forrest yoga concepts have really helped with my poses which in turn has helped my lower back and piriformis issues. I really believe she is one of the most educated and dedicated yoga teachers in Brevard County, we are lucky to have her!

Over the years, I have had more than a few massages for general toning and for treatment of injury.But Jenna seems to begin where the others left off. I don’t remember ever experiencing such complete relief and healing. Jenna’s knowledge of how the body is put together and how it works is astounding; and also very useful, giving her the ability to identify and locate the problem(s) and apply the proper treatment.

Sandy C.

Thee House of Yoga is the best Yoga Studio in Florida. I have studied at many yoga studios both in South Florida and Southern California and I have never met a more knowledgeable, compassionate and caring teacher as Jenna. While most studios teach the follow me method, Jenna takes the time to explain, give you corrections and adjust any pose that you are unable to do. You leave class feeling successful, positive and supported by a teacher who is is truly exceptional. I feel so lucky to have met her!!!

Geneah D.

Thee House of Yoga is a wonderful studio! Offering Yoga sessions daily and a variety of styles. Delightfully there are also meditation sessions available as well as Massage, providing a ‘home’ for those on a spiritual path, physical, path, and for those seeking healing and a break from the rush of 21st century life.

I have also participated in several workshops that THOY offers regularly. I have enjoyed each that I have attended, especially the Yoga Teacher Training offered in 2015. A deep immersion into all the arms of Yoga, it’s rich history, and considerations for planning and conducting Yoga Asana sessions. Jenna along with several friends and peers (Jill, Divya, Parthena) provided a wealth of information in a loving environment where it was open to share thoughts, ask questions. YTT is journey of a lifetime that I am so honored to have participated in.


Making consistent progress with mind, body and soul is often challenging at times. There was a missing link in my day to day work outs at the gym, so I found myself back in the practice of yoga. However establishing balance during this transformation process often eluded me. Then my path brought me to Jenna at Thee House of Yoga. It's through the knowledge, experience, creativity, intuitiveness and true devotion to her students, that she has been able to continue to guide me to a place of healing, awareness and transformation. Jenna, her team of experienced teachers and staff have cultivated a space, a House, where people can experience peace and wellness while expanding their practice no matter what their age or fitness level. In these times where the mind, body and soul are inundated with so much stimuli from work and other stress of life; Its nice to know there is peace, comfort and community that anyone can experience at Thee House of Yoga in Indialantic, FL...namaste

Rosie M.

One of the biggest problems I have with yoga in its current manifestation in the United States is the emphasis on how it is a great "workout". Yoga for me, is not just a workout, but a way of healing one's mind and body amidst the chaotic lifestyle that we live in. The healing process in yoga manifests itself in many forms, of which poses are simply one aspect of it. I've been to several yoga studios and classes from the gym, and was unable to continue because they did not have what I was seeking. I sought a dedicated practice which enables singular concentration, removes noises from one's mind, and be at peace with one's surrounding.

Unlike most yoga instructors, Jenna focuses on the healing aspect of yoga. As a student of Ana Forrest, she emphasizes the correctness of the pose as well as injury prevention based on the student's need. She is not shy on body adjustment, a practice that is sorely lacking in a lot of studios and gym classes, which is a shame because students sometime do not know if they are posing correctly. Her kind words of encouragement, and attention to her students physical abilities make her a rare and observant teacher. In addition to Forrest yoga, because she understands that variety is the spice of life, she introduces many different forms of yoga, from Yoga Nidra to AcroYoga, in the form of specialized workshops with some of the practices incorporated into her regular classes. She provides a much needed spiritual as well as physical guidance to allow the students to turn his/her gaze inward while having lots of fun. For me, practicing yoga with Jenna is not a workout in the marketing sense. It is a journey that allows me to center myself, to focus on what my body and mind needs, and to accept the chaotic world with quiet serenity that is so difficult to in this day and age.

With Jenna as your spiritual and physical guide, you will discover that your true home lies within you.

T. Chen

I will definitely be back. I feel so much better today than I have felt in a while. My body NEEDS yoga and so does my mind. I also need yoga to be like what you do. I love the things you say during class.....that's the type of classes I am used to and could not find around here. I'm in a mode of acceptance today! Thanks to you! I am going to tell everyone I know that they need to go to your studio.

Deidre C.