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Absolutely Natural Skin Care

Did you know we carry Absolutely Natural Skin Care at our yoga studio in Indialantic? We love their values and products and what they stand for!

Especially if you have tired muscles or soreness after class... use the Mineral Salts and Arnica Salts as well as ALL of the organic oils and massage oils. We have them in stock, plus much more!

Their organic spa products have traveled the world and been featured in luxury spas throughout the Hawaiian Islands, the Caribbean and more. Bring a little of the spa home today!!

Absolutely Natural Products:

  • are never tested on animals
  • are chemical-free
  • never contain any animal byproducts
  • biodegrade more easily than typical, chemical sunscreens
  • contain no nano-particles
  • are gentle on the environment
  • are sulfate free

Sulfates are chemical detergents that can be found in most mainstream shampoos and cleansers. These chemicals weren't originally intended for cosmetic use, but have found their homes in many popular products because of the lather they create.

Not only are they unnecessary, but these harsh detergents can strip away your natural conditioning oils, reduce the longevity of your color and may have potential health risks according to the Environmental Working Group.

Products not sold online. Only in the studio.

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