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Do you need a kickstarter for Spring?

Join us for a 5 day juice fast with yoga practice and acupuncture!!

Pre registration is required by March 25th.

Invest in YOU, today!!! Health is wealth.

April is… Spring Cleaning Time!!

Join us for a 5 day restart that will assist you to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit!!

Receive renewed vitality, clarity, strength, and inspiration!!


5 day Practice & Detox

Monday, March 30th – Sunday, April 3rd

6:00-7:00am - Hot Vinyasa with Jenna
7:15-8:15am - Community Acupuncture and Healing
8:15-8:30am - Juices will be supplied at the studio every morning

Lets Set Our INTENTION for the Day Together

  • Full Program / 5 classes + acu + 5 day juice cleanse – $ 450
  • Full Program / 5 classes + acu + 3 day juice cleanse – $ 270
  • Full Program / 5 classes + acu only – $200

Pre registration required
Sign up by March 25th

Cleansing is beneficial to release toxins that fatigue our digestive system and organs. Anything that we cannot digest the body holds onto until we support it with the tools for digestion and elimination.

When you give the body what it needs for proper digestion, it will natuarlly release anything that it cannot utilize.

Allowing for:

  • optimal digestive function
  • increased energy and stamina
  • mental clarity and focus
  • improved sleep patterns
  • release of addictive patterns
  • reduced cravings and balanced hormones
  • feeling nourished and supported internally
  • motivation