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Jenna's Blog

Beginners Steps to Success

Starting yoga can be a daunting prospect. So many different styles, so many teachers - which one should I try, how often should I practice?

Here Are a Few Steps to Help You Get Started:

STEP 1: Do not eat 2-3 hours before your class and try to hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water before class. Arrive 10 minutes before the class starts - to register, change and settle down.

STEP 2: Make your first class a beginning class and introduce yourself to the teacher before class begins.Let them know about any health concerns you might have and let them know this is your first class.

STEP 3: Ask questions before class to better understand the practice. Yoga can teach us much, but we all have different questions, so ask yours. Try to create a relationship with your teachers so they can help you. Arrive 10-15 minutes early to ask questions, this is available BEFORE class NOT after.

STEP 4: Practice regularly to get the best results. Once a week will feel good, but three times a week will create real change fast. And don't go overboard - two classes a day, every day is too much, especially for beginners.

STEP 5: Try a few (or all) the different styles of yoga we offer. Find the practice which you feel best suits your personality and personal objectives.

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