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​Engaging Your Inner Thighs in Yoga Practice

In many yoga poses, it is possible to activate your inner thighs to help tighten and strengthen them.


Use active feet in every pose with the exception of Savasana. To activate your feet, spread the bones and muscles in the feet. Get connected to what is underneath you. Press through the heels and balls of feet, lift your toes up. This will give you a strong foundation and toes, it supports your knees, hips and back. It also activates the inner thigh line and keeps you present in your body.

In Mountain Pose, or Tadasana, think of inward spiraling both thighs. Spiral your thighs towards the back of the room, widening them apart. This helps make space in your lower back. Activate the inner thighs by keeping your feet active and in the same position then engaging your quads. As you forward fold, keep spiraling them towards the back.

In Warrior 2, Virabhadrasana II, externally rotate the bent knee ( front leg ). Think of your inner thigh wrapping up and around the medial portion of your thigh to the outer thigh. Feel for your sitting bone, ischial tuberosity, moving forward. Then internally rotate the back leg ( straight leg ). Now squeeze the shins in towards each other.

In chair pose, with your knees bent try to keep the knees directly over the second toes. Do not allow your legs to open; keep them hugging in towards the midline to engage your inner thighs.

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