Class Schedule
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Cleanse body, mind & soul with Jenna

January 11-12-13th, 2019: Cleanse Body, Mind & Soul with Jenna

The Weekend Detox is here. Sign up now. Pre registration is required and space is limited to 12 people. This detox comes at just the perfect time. Reprogram your body and mind as we move into the new season of fall. This is your time of rejuvenation and renewal. This is not a juice fast, or a detox based on deprivation.

Over The Weekend You Will:

  • Eat, yes eat!!! Lots of good clean food.
  • Practice light yoga, pranayama and meditation
  • Practice Satsung with the group sharing ideas, meals and conversation.
  • Rest. The use of technology will not be permitted.

There is a 2 day preparation for this weekend.

Restart you life, this is an amazing experience!!

Sign up today. Get a jumpstart on your health.

Arrival : Friday after work, all day Saturday, departure Sunday at 5pm. 


  • clearer skin
  • weight loss
  • increased immunity
  • no more cravings
  • no more food intolerance
  • improved clarity and sense of well being
  • cleans away excess waste

All inclusive, Double occupancy $650
All inclusive, Triple occupancy $635
Offsite lodging $400

Deadline for registration is TBA

This is a local retreat in Cocoa Beach, Florida.