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500 Hour Yoga Training

500 Hour Teacher Training Course – "The Seat of the Teacher"

As a certified yoga teacher, you deserve a home to turn to for training, inspiration, and the NEXT STEP in your professional journey and personal practice. Thee House of Yoga offers YOU a year-long 500 hour Teacher Certification Program in Melbourne, FL. Offering yoga teachers of ALL traditions a HOME and avenue to further deepen their practice and teaching.

“The Seat of the Teacher” is a year long course focused on inspiring new possibilities in life and facilitating breakthroughs as a yoga teacher. The program is open to ALL current yoga teachers and anyone who is interested in deepening their yoga. Regardless of experience, the excercises and techniques will help you teach what you already know more effectively. PLUS you will discover new approaches to the most basic elements of Life and Yoga! A challenging and uplifting training, “The Seat of the Teacher”, will move you more into Your Seat, the place where you can speak from Your Own true experience, using Your true voice, with clarity and confidence.

With a supportive and courageous group, this process has proven to be a highly effective experience for making leaps and bounds into new heights in Yoga and Life. If you are inspired to teach or are currently teaching and wish to step up to the next level for your students, this program is a powerful stride in the right direction.

Topics to be covered… and more …

Personal growth – journaling, meditating, sharing and practicing your yoga with the group will transform your life from the inside out, Creative Sequencing, Hands-on Adjustments, Nadis, Koshas, Chakras, Theming, Intro to Sanskirt, Pranayama, Teaching Methods, Therapeutics, Ayurveda, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Tantra, Yantra, Advanced Asana, Mantra Yoga, Senior Yoga, and much more…

Requirements for 500-Hour Certification:

  • 270 hours of advanced classroom training
  • 80 hours of supportive reading
  • 100 hours teaching experience



Attendance at all components of the Teacher Training is required for certification adn to meet Yoga Alliance requirements. Please consult with Jenna prior to missing any portion of the Training and request a copy of our Attendance Policy. Missed contact hours will require additional assignments for completion of certification.

Teaching Log

Keep a record of your classroom and private teaching time. You may begin tracking hours from the time you became 200-hour certified. When you have acculumated 100 hours, send a copy to for your file.

$4,400 Program

Payment Plan

  • First Installment $1,300 prior to the start of the program
  • Second Installment $1,300 prior to the mid-point of the program
  • Third Installment $1,300 prior to the last session of the program

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$3,500 THOY Graduate Tuition Prices

Payment Plan

  • First Installment $ 1,500 prior to the start of the program
  • Second Installment $ 1,500 prior to the mid-point of the program
  • No Third Installment $ paid in full

Register Here if THOY Graduate

Pre-Requistes To Apply for Training:

  • 200-hour certification and/or RYT-200 Yoga Alliance Registration and a regular practice.
  • Minimum of 18 years of age.
  • Submit a completed application. All applications must be received with a $ 500.00 deposit (includes a $ 108.00 non-refundable application fee).

Once applications are received you will receive notice on the status of your application within 2 weeks.