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Letter from the Director

Greeting Yogis and Yoginis,

This program is meant to evoke transformation and change in your life! Through this program expect to explore, engage and completely immerse yourself for 10 weeks of your life into the alchemical teachings of Yoga. You will learn to access its inspired wisdom and share its gifts with others to facilitate positive transformation, vibrant health, and balance.

We are already busy planning this program into Yoga for YOU. Each day will be full of learning, contemplations, inspiration and practice; both practice of the yoga techniques themselves and practice teaching the techniques to others. The training will cover a wide range of yoga techniques including yoga postures (asanas), breathing (pranayama), relaxation and meditations to calm the mind, history and philosophy, yogic lifestyles, contemplations to transform limiting tendencies to life affirming thought patterns, and the applications of clear principles of alignment to create safety, balance and freedom in your yoga poses. Anatomy and physiology will be addressed and applied in context while common mis-alignments and poses and actions to help balance these will be studied.

MY Vision for this teacher training program is to create positive change and transformation in our communities one affirmative breath at a time. We hope to inspire each teacher trainer to bring the practices and teachings of yoga out to diverse populations and touch the lives and individuals and groups regardless of their fitness level, cultural orientation, age, health or circumstance. Yoga uplifts, it shifts perspectives, it invites us to be fully alive, if offers a path which cultivates a higher vibrancy and asks us to make better choices.

On a personal note, Yoga has transformed my life. I have seen the world, grown kinder, more accepting, more able to ride the highs and lows of life with a continued sense of underlying ease. My physical body is free of pain, and feels good. In the past few years I have been cultivating and manifesting more joy and wellbeing as I navigate the daily requirements needed for a growing soul. I am in continual awe of this path which is forever deepening and keeps me on my toes even after over 19 years of continued practice and study.

We look forward to hearing from YOU.

In Devotion,

Jenna Lomazzo, E-RYT
Founder of Thee House of Yoga