Class Schedule
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  • I always see 'do-it-yourself' books on Yoga at the bookstore - what is the advantage of paying for classes when I could get a book and study by myself?

    The difference between learning Yoga in person from a skilled, passionate and dedicated teacher and studying from a book cannot be underestimated. By studying with a teacher, you will know that you are always performing each movement correctly, and most importantly, safely. You will gain the maximum benefit from each session and will achieve benefits in both skill and health. Jenna is a highly experienced teacher and will be able to rapidly identify any problems or difficulties you may have. She will explain the solution in a way that is clear and simple, allowing you to progress much more rapidly than from home study. Thee House of Yoga provides classes in many different styles of Yoga, for many ability levels, so you will always find an enjoyable style and be challenged in your Yoga practice. Finally, classes are conducted in a friendly and non-competitive environment, where everyone has the same shared aims and everyone supports each other to become the best they can be.

  • I have seen news items saying that Yoga can be harmful. Is this true?

    It is undeniable that there have been reports of injuries following Yoga practice. However, as with any other sport or physical activity, the majority of reported Yoga injuries come from people attempting postures that are beyond their ability or fitness level and not being mindful of their body. Jenna is a very experienced practitioner and teacher, and her classes are always tailored to the abilities of her students. This is partly why she created her Yoga 101 program, so that complete beginners could be introduced to Yoga in a safe environment. Throughout her teaching, Jenna always encourages her students to be aware of their bodies and never encourages students to push themselves too hard. While it is important to challenge yourself in order to progress, Yoga should never be purely about how hard you can push yourself or how fast you advance. The mental aspect of Yoga is just as important as the physical and should never be overlooked. Everyone is accepted and welcomed at Thee House of Yoga, and that includes recognition that progression should be at a level that is suitable for each student, without pressure.

  • I'm a retiree and have several minor medical problems. I don't have the flexibility I had in my youth; will I still be able to practice and benefit from Yoga?

    Of course! Simply start with one of Jenna's friendly beginner's classes, such as Yoga 101. Even older students find that their flexibility and strength improves with Yoga practice. Wherever possible, Jenna will tailor her teaching to suit you and will make sure that Yoga is an enjoyable and positive experience for you. You will most likely find that common problems such as arthritis improve with Yoga. This is because Yoga boosts the blood flow to joints, connective tissue and internal organs. Yoga is particularly beneficial for older people as it does not create the imbalances and injuries common to other forms of activity, such as running.

  • I've made a positive decision to improve both my physical fitness and mental health, but right now I'm not really in shape. Is Yoga still for me?

    Absolutely! Everyone has to start somewhere; no one was born a Yogi. Jenna always focusses on the unique abilities and requirements of each individual student, to ensure that practice is within their capabilities. She truly wants the best for all her students and is committed to making sure that everyone benefits from her classes. All classes are conducted in a non-competitive, supportive environment so you can progress at your own pace and without judgement by others. In a beginner's class, no one will know exactly what to expect or be an expert, so there is no need to feel intimidated. Most people who start practicing Yoga find that they feel less hungry and are naturally inclined to make more healthy eating choices. Yoga stimulates metabolism and so these benefits can further help you get in shape.