Class Schedule
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Yoga 101: Beginner's Series

So You’re New to Yoga?

Sign up for YOGA 101: A Beginner’s Series

This is an introductory class designed for students who are NEW to YOGA. Learn the basic moves and the foundation to building a yoga practice. With clear, detailed instruction, and demonstration you will learn to breathe deeply, release tension in your neck and shoulders and connect to your core. Become stronger and more centered in your body and develop techniques for safely tailoring each pose to work best for you. By the end ofthe course you should have the tools built into your practice to help heal both physical and emotional injuries and to feel good. Move through your life with more ease and enthusiasm, connected to your core.

Six Week Session, Every Sunday 1-3pm

Yoga 101: A Beginner's Series is a six week class designed for brand new attendees.

Dates TBA

  • Space is limited to 12
  • Class is 1-3pm every Sunday
  • Show up 10 minutes early to get on your mat
  • Eat and drink lightly a couple of hours beforehand
  • Bring (or rent) a towel for sweat, a yoga mat, and water
  • Most importantly, SHOW UP!!
  • Namaste and we look forward to practicing yoga with you!!

Yoga 101: A Beginners Series

How the Weeks Will Unfold:


    Sun Salutations

    Build a firm foundation through the basics of Sun Salutation. You'll explore and learn the key alignment and techniques for each asana in the series, and the essential elements to link postures together in a fluid, dynamic movement.


    Basic Asana

    Learn the basic foundation and key principle alignment of the asana in the following categories: Standing, Seated and Twist, Forward Bends, Backbends, Arm Balances, Inversions. Once grounded with the principle, you'll be able to practice with safe alignment and correct techniques.



    In this class, we will explore your abdominals. Learn about your stabilizing muscles and digestive system. We will also talk about nutrition. Build heat and work from the ground up!


    Opening Your Heart

    In this class, you will have the opportunity to go deeper into the practice of backbends. Those who struggle with backbends will be given tools to target and work on the areas of restriction, and those who would like to go further into the practice will have the opportunity to explore new dimensions of backbending.


    Pranayama and Mantra

    Here we will go over some basic breathing techniques called "pranayama" and work with utilizing a deeper breath. We will also learn about sound, and ways to meditate and relieve stress.



    Get a review and overall integration of the sun salutation and basic asana practice with an emphasis on the big picture of why we practice yoga. You'll also learn the importance of Savasana, and the foundation of pranayama and meditation.